CocoRosie's album art is ready for its Mediafire ad slot

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CocoRosie's schtick has always unsettled a large minority of the hetero-normal bro community that makes up the supposedly skinny-jeaned indie masses, and we can only imagine the duo relishes to some degree the ease at which their vague digressions (playing toy instruments in 2004, yikes!) have sent shudders of hate through the tropics of Pitchfork down to Prefix.

It's with that in mind that we think this cover art is beyond brilliant. The only thing it resembles more than RPGs about cross-dressing wizards or that Mediafire ad we always get (why does it target us so?) is the Photoshop aesthetics of World of Warcraft porn. Not that we're into that stuff. (These guys, maybe.)

They know what they're up to.The pair likened choosing the songs for Grey Oceans to “gnomes carving soap castles in prison.” That said, we've yet to uncover why there's a separate vinyl art version of what was already a masterpiece.

As for the first available song, it's pretty; a straight-ahead piano tinkler, if it weren't for those voices. We just wish they were another couple decades old, without losing the pre-adolescent inability to say words like “sky” in less than three syllables. Think Louis Armstrong as a 12-year old girl. That would be truly unsettling.

CocoRosie, “Lemonade”

Their album is out May 11 on Sub Pop.

Grey Oceans track list
01 Trinity's Crying

02 Smokey Taboo

03 Hopscotch

04 Undertaker

05 Grey Oceans

06 R.I.P. Burn Face

07 The Moon Asked the Crow

08 Lemonade

09 Gallows

10 Fairy Paradise

11 Here I Come