Colbert, Bras, R.I.P. Chuck Biscuits

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All the shit that's fit to link.

Sleep well Chuck Biscuits. You were a sweet bro.

You fucking bitches. Make a good swastika why don't you?

Colbert always has the right idea.

Dang, 250K can buy a few college educations. Or a whole bunch of coke to be snorted at the Vice anniversary party.

Wait, hipsters don't wear bras? Where the fuck have I been???

Vote for Brad Pitt.

Indichik went to CMJ. Saw Atlas Sound and Broadcast.

Village Voice went to CMJ also. Took pictures of fashionable people.

Hey Morrissey, why don't you cry a little more.

Over 10 million fucking people give a shit about U2. Fucking crazy right?