Expo 70, Corridors To Infinity

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Album art for Expo 70 Corridors to Infinity

Hey, welcome into Post Tension.

This byte section is going to showcase all the best limited cassette releases money can buy, but often doesn't. I will do my best to keep it varied, but it will mostly lean towards the avant-garde and experimental (as if other genres of music were being put on tape in the year 2009).

That being said, let's start it off with Expo 70's cassette on Sonic Meditations, Corridors To Infinity. Justin Wright's Expo 70 project has been one of the more noticeable in the recent crop of kraut/kosmische inspired psychedelic acts, with Corridors To Infinity lending more steam to an already boiling pot.

This tape features Mr. Wright on drum machine and guitar, with McKinley Jones at the helm on the Moog and Matt HIll joining in on the organ on the B side. It's got a lot of the long drones you might expect, while adding some punch in certain areas with the drum machine and guitar, but also hitting really meditative spots and gently lifting and pushing you around that cosmic inner-brain, third-eye.

Great release. Super long-player at 60 minutes. A definite must for inner exploration or hazy, smoke filled late nights.

The first run of this tape is gone, but check Sonic Meditations because they're doing another run on cassette and CDR.

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Just download the motherfucker!