Dead Leaf Echo, “Sparks.Fly.From.A.Kiss”

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Brooklyn-based music/art collective Dead Leaf Echo – comprised of LG (guitar, vocals, keys), Ana B. (guitar, vocals, keys), Kevin K. (drums), and Steve S. (bass) – has been working on a split cassette – titled Split – with Did You Die. Their two tracks “I Will Do (Anything)” and “Sparks.Fly.From.A.Kiss” are featured, and we have the exclusive premiere of the latter mentioned right here.

“Surrounded by guitars like crashing waves, sparks may fly from this lover’s kiss,” expands LG. “But retribution is quickly sought after with lines like ‘anything but you’.”

LG isn’t wrong. The cacophony of sound provided by the percussion and intense mixture of guitars does resemble the sound of crashing, although waves aren’t the first thing to come to mind. The vocals are delivered in a very Manson-esque way, dramatic and as though they are being sung through a megaphone, which provides a very unique feel to the song. Badass, sensual, and intense, this track is something we intend to play at our next big party.

And we like to party.

The cassette is out November 4th via Moon Sounds. It is available for preorder now.