Deadfellow, Mescacalifornia

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Philadelphia native Deadfellow has honed the craft of indie folk rock, which he put on display recently in the single “Miss California”. The song is off of the album Mescacalifornia, which we are privileged enough to stream here at Impose on its official release day.
The seven track release is notable, beginning with a 50’s vibe in “A California Dream”, which serves as the perfect intro to the collection. The same nostalgic, beachy vibe continues through “I’ll Be There in the Morning”, addressing a relationship that makes it so he isn’t “scared of growing old” anymore. “If Earthquakes Claimed LA” brings the tempo down, allowing Hayden Sammak – the artist behind Deadfellow – to really display his luscious, almost lounge singer-like, vocals as the instrumentals build. “Emily, Don’t Change Your Mind” returns to midtempo, the guitar driving the track a little bit more. There is almost a narrator vibe to his voice throughout – thick, energetic, telling elaborate stories with vigor – especially in the aforementioned “Miss California”.
“A California Dream (Reprise)” returns to picking strings and slowly meandering into a melody. We feel like we’re floating on a cloud, a feeling which segues into final track “One Thousand Days (I Love You)”, existing at a glacial, particular pace that makes us truly able to savor our last moments with the album. The vocals are smooth like butter, and we’re ready for a repeat performance.

Mescacalifnoria is out now. For more information about Deadfellow, you can visit Facebook.