Hidden Bay & Life is a Minestrone Presents – Lost Songs & Other Favorites

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A small tape label out of Paris and Toulouse, France have been putting out at least seven tapes over the last year. Putting the majority of their focus mainly on emerging lo-fi pop artists, they recently released a fine collection of songs on the cassette titled  “Lost songs & Other Favorites”, organized by Franck Zeisel from a popular French music blog, Life is a Minestrone. They started collaborating with Zeisel, after asking for help to celebrate the third anniversary of his music blog. Hidden Bay Records started to come up with ideas instantly for a physical release that would include some of their favourite songs off of Zeisel’s blog. It was a chance to share and look back on some good music and was also a great opportunity for people to discover new music, they couldn’t have hoped for more.

Impose spent part of a cold afternoon driving through the city while listening to the audiocassette, which turned out to be something truly unique. The overall genre and artist selection stays true to the artwork and colour of the cassette tape, rarely do we find a tape compilation that’s worth mentioning. It’s the kind of music that will make you sink into the couch or it could be your soundtrack for literally anything, especially for those left lane trips you may take. Tapes are available Hidden Bay Records Bandcamp and will be soon on sale in some Paris record shops (Balades Sonores, Hands & Arms).