NYC Bugs Out Over 4/20

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w/ DJ Dog Dick, The Dreebs, Hume, Haribo, The Jazz Massagers

Cool off on Friday's summer night with an elegant tin of jazz cigarettes and a few bottles of the pink and bubbly. DJ Dog Dick, the Pavarotti of Bushwick, will serenade you with sewage sonatas, while the Dreebs serve as raging cocktail waitresses – hitting the high notes that tickle your nose. Hume play reggae with two drummers, and Haribo will pull a high-art rhapsody in fake blood. All bands will be bookended by the Jazz Massagers, who in nearly-ridiculous, typical jazz, will CHRON your grey tissue. The JM will feature BEEF's Greem Jellyfish on drums.
Price: $7
Weed leaves:


w/ Dubknowdub, Guardian Alien, DUBKNOWDUB NEARLY-ALL-STAR BIG POT-HEAD BAND, People of North, DJ Scalpel Please
This day party (a Ganj-B-Q, especially considering the vacant lot attached to the venue) begins at 4 pm, warranting prompt arrival in light of the need for action at 4:20 pm. DKD All Stars are billed to include members of Oneida, Guardian Alien, the So So Glos, Ex Models, Beef, Bow Ribbons, Twisty Cat, Fallopian Groove, Knyfe Hyts, Tetryl Red, X-Ray Eyeballs, K-Holes, Dirty Faces, Robot Death Cult, The Sparrow, Necking and more, but rumor has it that this line-up is speculative and somewhat based on the invites list, rather than talent confirmations.
But rumor also has it that there'll be an intensive, 6-hour jock jam of “Don't Worry, Be Happy,” so the absence of any specific musician will be fairly difficult to notice. Will there be joy and laughter, sunshine and sticky-icky-ICKY? You bet your GRASSpacream.
Price: $8
Weed leaves:


w/ Earthmasters, Pilgrim, Plexxus D'Or
Super-organic drone jams played by mild mannered people hidden amongst topiaries, in Bushwick's premiere site for acid tests. If you enjoy laying on the floor and you don't really care where this blanket came from and, oh man, thanks for the bulghur, this is the party for you. The room will be fat with that Cali green, psychotropic chocolates, and cute girls with makeup sweating down their faces.
Price: $7
Weed leaves:

285 KENT

w/ Creep, Veronica Vasicka, Star Eyes, Glazz
The anti-4/20 show for the Internet generation. If you're obsessed with ironic fashions and aren't sure what a lot of your Facebook friends look like in the RL W, this enormous dark room is probably the destination for you.
Price: $10 when nobody's there, $15
Weed leaves:


w/ Nolita Selector & General Meow (Sea), SAMN!, (AQUA)Marinez & Invitation to a Beheading AND THE Baile Crunk Queen- Zuzuka Poderosa with DJ VALISSA!!!!!
This collective is so not-NY that they're named after their landline area code. They're burners who are trying to hack it in town by hosting a compacted rave that exclusively attracts high schoolers: hoodie art show, edible sculptures, and DJs that nobody's ever heard of.
Price: $10
Weed leaves:


w/ Gary Wilson, The Immaculates, Moonmen on the Moon Man, DJ Slowdance, DJ Mr. Farenheit
The 4/20 show for people who smoked a lot of weed in college but now it just makes them feel weird. Secondhand high isn't an option because the venue is dry. It's a 4/20-esque curio to see Gary Wilson, and the Immaculates are funny in the way Gwen Stefani's braces with green rubberbands were funny.
Price: $10 advanced $12 on 4/20
Weed leaves:


w/ Woods, Mmoss
Hoboken said, “No,” to the Jersey Shore, and everybody assumed it was because Hoboken is classy but actually Hoboken already has a reality show (Cake Boss), and I don't feel racist saying that Cake Boss has a “mob mentality”. Television feuds and Italian stereotypes aside, Hoboken has picturesque Park Slope-style homes and waterfront views of Chelsea and Hell's Kitchen, so they obviously have an appreciation for the finer things, like Woodsist bands on 4/20.
Price: $10
Weed leaves:


w/ Creed
If anybody has an extra ticket I'd welcome it with arms wide open.
Price: $45
Weed leaves:


w/ Sun Araw Band, Pole, and Mark McGuire (of Emeralds)
The West Village is the wrong neighborhood for 4/20 (it's really more of a St. Patrick's Day or Presidential elections community) but LPR refuses to let a little geography stop them from rolling a FATTIE BOOM BATTY.
Price: $15 (but they have a 120 guest list)
Weed leaves:


w/ Vaura
If you dislike holiday comradery, the Stone is the place for you. Vaura's dark 90's jamming is sure to keep you peeved with the world wide weeding.
Price: $10
Weed leaves:


w/ Forma, Holy Mountain scored by Long Distance Poison
If you spent all of 4/20 day getting burnt, Nighthawk could be the whipped cream on your Fridae. If you give them roughly $50, they will promptly bring you any foodstuff you can imagine, as you recline in a chair and watch dudes jam alongside an evenly-paced, non-linear film.
Price: $26
Weed leaves:


w/ Andrew Jackson Jihad, Joyce Manor, Treasure Feet
Don't let the acoustic guitar and cello fool you! Despite the fact that Andrew Jackson Jihad is almost exclusively filmed performing outside, with recordings of identical quality, AJJ is no way a proper jam band. They're the man-hit-hardest-by-the-recession's Mountain Goats, with loose allusions to God and life-long misery (rather than an in-depth traipse through the Old Testament, peppered with cautionary tales of cystal towns). Which sounds cute, right? But it's wildly inappropriate. Sober? Edge? Then this could be the show for you.
Price: $10 advanced $12 on 4/20
Weed leaves:


w/ Deer Tick, Turbo Fruits, Jounce
The tickets to see Deer Tick in Asbury Park are $14 but the service charge is $11. When can we expect a lawsuit against LiveNation?
Price: $25
Weed leaves:


w/ Alaina Stamatis
Alaina Stamatis leads you on the trail of local perching birds, songbirds, and birds of prey that have gone extinct since their last sighting. This hapless search draws upon many of life's own ill-fated pursuits. The tour follows a clear path through lower Manhattan (beginning upon exiting the Clocktower Gallery). Participants will be loaned a camouflage poncho and camouflage binoculars, in order to better stalk the birds. There will be guided group tours on Friday, April 20th. Tour start times: 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, & 7pm. RSVP to required, as camouflage limited. Please included the time of the tour you would like to join in your email. (Thanks Jerome Foundation!)
Price: FREE
Weed leaves: