James Bond or Jason Bourne?

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James Bond vs. Jason Bourne

When someone casually asked over lunch, “Which one would your rather be, James Bond or Jason Bourne?”, we'd accidentally hit upon a philosophical goldmine. A question that asks, really: Where do you stand on life? A question larger than “Do you believe in God?” or “Do you believe in freedom?”

After all, does it really matter to our short lives if God exists and if true freedom can ever be attained? Those questions are outside of the scope of our bullshit reality. But here is a question that presents two real choices, and crystallizes within them a more relevant question: which of these two men, with their overlapping world split into two realms of ethics and values, has an existence more worth having?

We argued about Jason Bourne being the real deal, and James Bond's ability to go home. About Bourne being a tortured hero, and Bond crying over dead girls, but not really. About a fulfilling life that comes from proper suffering, and the obvious advantage of fancy cars and beautiful girls. Then we decided there are two kinds of people in the world: those who'd rather be Bond and those who'd rather be Bourne.


We will compile answers via the comment section below and @impose twitter. The best answers will be posted next Friday, July 30.