Lisel – “Digital Light Field”

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Rising electronic pop songstress soars on latest airy single

Behold the glorious warmth of summer! What better way to jump into the pool with some burgers on the grill than with ambient music that fits the bill? Well, listeners will rejoice thanks to the introduction of Lisel, Eliza Bagg, and her stunning sound. With her debut Angels on the Slope via Luminelle Recordings set for release on July 26th, her tunes are crisp for the eager music devourer.

With a home-base in California, the inventive Eliza Bagg is a well-known explorer of the space. For example, her work with Pavo Pavo gives her additional musical prowess that is something to marvel. Her solo work as Lisel widens her breadth of talent and leaves the listener aching for more. Angels on the Slope will showcase Bagg’s many talents into a completely new universe of her own choosing. “Digital Light Field,” one of her latest tracks, encapsulates the thrills to come from this musician.

The short and sweet track creeps up on the listener, but it is well worth the wait as the dream covers all. Her lilting vocals capture every bit of the imagination, and the beat keeps it thriving. A fantasy world unfolds with grace. Listeners will give in to it with peace. Lisel’s journey in this track is a valuable moment to close one’s eyes and reflect in a groove. New fans are sure to latch onto this beauty of a song. Listen below.