Minimal Miggy ft. Michaela Baranov and Ben Goldstein, "Euphoria"

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So often, songs focusing on romance are colored by one purview or another. There are the ever-elated odes to highs, the downtrodden gloom of the lows, and pensive reflections on love lost. Composer Minimal Miggy looked to fuse the complexities of love into one portrait on “Euphoria,” his latest track. Though the smooth track focuses on infatuation and doting on a loved one, singers Michaela Baranov and Ben Goldstein explore the self-doubt and insecurities that can infect even the strongest of unions.
“It took a second to surrender to my five senses,” Baranov croons over the shimmering piano plucks and lush synths. Miggy’s sultry track is one of the first he’s released under his artistic namesake, as the professional drummer born David Goldberg has only recently decided to explore production after touring with other artists for years.
“After having to remind myself why I started music, I decided to start creating my own art,” Miggy has said. “Euphoria” is a strong affirmation to start on.