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maybe u r alone maybe u have lovers maybe u r setting up a hot craigslist hang out maybe u r in the burger king play place waiting for your soulmate to slide down into your life. Watevr ur doing this vday, make it big and get famous with ur very own sextape. Dnt u want love? Don't u want romance? Dnt u want F*A*M*E?

set it off right with sum Black Sabbath, “Iron Man” yall. daddy valentine will be watching u get it raw from the heavens above maybe ozzy will be there too supporting ur wet dreams.

R. Kelly, “Bump N' Grind”
how could u not have a sextape without that shit classic baby making jams I think my egg count rises with anything rkelly

Wooden Shjips, “Black Smoke Rise”
maybe this wouldn't make for a good sextape but Everytime I bust thru this jam my pussy just get SLIMEY AS FUQQ THO it's my hetero dream to destroy someone's dick with my venomous pussy to this song. I rly mean pussy terrorism. I dnt even know why

Ginuwine, “In Those Jeans”
this track got my prepubescent pussy dripping …the daiiz that started it all ok

Marvin Gaye, “Feel All My Love Inside”
marvin gaye could either be hetero post-wedding love making jams or some real audio porn. this track has some babe moaning in the backroom while marvin wants to stroke her and fill her up with his love all inside. hello hetero pussy throbber.

Mary J. Blige, “Love No Limit”
truthfully tho i would nvr let anyone eat me out 2 marvin gaye and if it was mary j it would have to b real love cus it would make me feel the power of my pussy more. something when mary j hits that baritone gets me going

Pina Chulada, “What You Mean”
i never heard about pina chaluda in the post-myspace daze but here is a rly short jam that kind of makes me wish whoevr pina chaluda is would just grind their wet pussy on my face for a minute and a half. maybe this song is about pregnancy.

Pina Chulada, “What You Mean”

Bazooka, “Shame Take My Brain”
here is another weird one. this jam is just so hard so raging it drives out my hetero dick grinding pussy. grinding like a coffee grinding, not grinding as in hot dance moves.

Bone Crusher, “I Aint Never Scared”
hey daddy

Women, “Eyesore”
public strain gets me wet but that is 2weird.

Feeling of Love, “Cellophane Face”
everytime those synth organs wutevr those french bros r playing get me rly rly wild like the grand canyon is bout 2 flood with my pussy slime.

Beyonce, “Speechless”
dnt lie dnt lie that song is like undeniable

Mac DeMarco, “Only You”
i hate this dude he is the epitome of every white hetero alt-bro i dislike he is like their ringleader i might be exaggerating but this song is def a hit 4 tha lovers

Selma Oxor, “Siempre En Mi Mente”
is this valentines day maybe not but i really wanna eat out selma oxor. something about bath salts and how they make u feel. this would be 4 a rly dark drug induced fuck, but not any good drugs, maybe just bath salts, like valentines day doom. dnt get diarrhea