My Son Bison, “Pick Up America”

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Pick Up America

Philly-based My Son Bison has pleased the music world with their newest track, “Pick Up America”. Having cultivated their sound over the last five years, the quintet made up of Joel Gleiser, Dane Galloway, Kirk Kubicek, Nicholas Krolak, and Peter Oswald has really honed in on the magic that can be expressed through music.

“Pick Up America” starts out delicately–you almost get the feeling of walking on glass or like you’re a tiny Fievel mouse tip-toeing around listening to it–joined shortly by gorgeous, jazzy vocals. This is slightly off-base with their self-proclaimed experimental folk sound, but it is also quite different in comparison to some of their other music. Be that as it may, they manage to blend their folk sound in well with this piece.

One major facet of the song to note is the string/whistling almost-solo elements that start at 1:36 and then at 3:02, as they are incredible examples of the intense attention to detail that has been put into My Son Bison’s work. It just might be our favorite aspect of the song, as its uniqueness is palpable from the get-go.

JUL 14 – The Boot & Saddle Philadelphia, PA

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