pictochat, haircut EP

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Starting a stir from coast to coast is Stockton's pictochat, the one man purveyor of the digitally ingrained DNA strands of audio recalled from the reservoirs of memory. Last January we got introduced to the Game Boy chat referencing artist with the release of betweens that we celebrated in this feature, welcoming one of the latest additions to the YUNG STKTN community.

Opener “store[flynntro]” his the power button on the console, while Styles P's “Good Times” gets dipped in that syrup on, “smok3 (everyday)”, links to the past transport on “newspeCs”, while modern dusted grooves get caught up with Street Fighter II samples on “oOo”. Standout track “shonuff” already has folks talking and heads feeling lifted, while “alpacapillow[stillk△res]” sinks like memory foam clouds, as “take” takes us to hypnotic piano pronounced places, while “golf” swings with dramatic “silly love song” orchestrals, before “SeeYu[outro]” brings the battle of the bit wars in a doggy bag to-go. We could go on about this EP, but instead Shiloh penned this following intro/companion piece for haircut:

haircut was just an collection of 2014 tunes under the concept of paying homage to video games I grew up on in the 90's/early 2000's. “betweens” was kind of all over the place since it was just a variety pack I threw together from the last 3 years, so I wanted haircut to fit together under this concept. For each song I mixed certain sounds and snippets from a game's soundtrack into it, so its up to the listener to figure out which game it is (some are more obvious than others). I didn't really figure out the concept until after I made “smok3”, which was the second song I made on the EP. The first was “newspeCs”, I felt that these two songs really glued together so I concluded with that concept. As far as the recording process went, I started taking the tips I made from work each week, going to the record store and buying how ever many $1 records I could, then listening to those, or finding some 70's-80's rnb/funk playlist on the internet and going off of that. I usually start with the a sample, either chopping one up or looping a melody, then programming drums, and then combining them. It was a lot of trial and error. Sometimes I hated how the drums sounded or ended up scrapping the sample. I wanted this EP to be heavily sample based rather than original compositions (excluding “store” and “alpacapillow”). There were actually supposed to be four more tracks on haircut but I decided to save those for another release, not sure yet, haha. I will be releasing tons of stuff in the next couple of months! (hopefully)”

The haircut EP is available now from pictochat's Bandcamp.