Rebecca Gaffney: Shattered/Whole

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Tonight marks an opening at Bushwick gallery Fitness Center for Arts and Tactics for artist Rebecca Gaffney's glitching whirring sputtering and ever-evolving “SPUN O LITH,” a blindingly reflective Aggro Crag adorned in hand-manipulated video art. Gaffney theorizes that the piece's moving, flashing video work can ease Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder via the EMDR™ methodology (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing). Thus Spun O Lith is a new form of Art Therapy.

Gaffney's work is celebrated tonight with what Fitness' director Miles Pflanz calls, “all of our headliners in one night,” including a collaboration between Rebecca Gaffney and Matthew Caron, Shawn Devin O'Sullivan, Steve Summers (DJ), Angelina Dreem, Sasha Desree, Pvre Matrix, Purity Control, Research (Quinn of Young Male), SSPS, Mr Matthews, Victor Newman (Regula's techno debut), Flex1000, Naka Naka, Dan Meagher, and me, Alaina Stamatis.

Appropriate attire: lamé, silver satin, earrings puncturing tiny holes in your clothes
Price: $8
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Below is an artistic teaser with footage shot by Rebecca Gaffney, Megan Moncrief, and Matthew Caron with music by 3/4 of Purity Control (Rebecca Gaffney, Dan McNeil, Danny Moore; and the ghost of Jon Williams). This video's premiere also serves as a trailer for a split release between Purity Control & LAL8 (solo project of Lala Harrison Ryan of Excepter) coming out online shortly and on Total Reality Tapes on March 13 2013.

Later this month in the SPUN O LITH installation at FITNESS:

All day “20 Hi-8’s” Video Lab with Rebecca Gaffney, Miles Pflanz, Laura Blüer, Reece Cox

Video Jamz by: Rebecca Gaffney & Matthew Caron // Music by: La Big Vic // Forma // Co la
D.J.: Nihiti/Surveyor

MARCH 10–11
Lazurite & Built Shit – Megan Moncrief and Rebecca Gaffney and friends will be building glass structures which they will then perform with and in around, creating aural/visual chaos.

Celebrating the release of a split with LAL8 (Lala Harrison Ryan from Excepter) & Purity Control on Total Reality Discs, Jon Williams & Rebecca Gaffney will be constructing red video dreams and there will be a STONE SOUP party…bring ingredients! Musical guests to be announced..

Video Jamz by: Rebecca Gaffney, Matthew Caron, Laura Blüer, Miles Pflanz // Music by: Hellicrafters – Algis Kizys (ex-Swans, Foetus) & Eric Hubel (Glenn Branca, ex-Foetus) //
Blaze Sound System (Nathan Corbin, Excepter) // Ed Wilcox (Temple of Bon Matin) // Pvre Matrix // Jon Williams (Wizard is Hungry, Excepter) // Jane Chardiet