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Nashville understands the importance of modern rock beyond the former draconian restrictions of the genre. And Adam Mould and Mike Gicz behind Jeffery Drag Records, Bad Cop and Western Medication know this better than most, as they give something to make the back-to-school/back-to-the-grind drag a bit better as the the laborious threat of Labor Day draws nearer. Bad Cop's catchy “still kill myself in my mind” title track “Light On” will have you humming along to those strange warped tones bathed in the skronk of Southern skunk. Switching the dial for a lost AM station, The People's Temple brings signs of glory with their righteous manic preaching of “Cannonball”, before Majestico brings you to the holy sanctuary of amour-almighty on the classic careening lovers rock of the modern with “Love Is God”.

Promised Land Sound throws a few bean bags at the county fair dunk tank on the heat quenching drought-chill-out of “Cool Me Down”. Then leave it Useless Eaters to edify their analogue hunger of anxiety attack excess and edge on the fist punching (and maybe pumping), “Hypertension” as you sing along to the “nothing's gonna happen to me” chorus. Then give it up, of course, for indie faves, Natural Child, as they continue to kick it Tennessee style on “Nathan's Blues” that if played in the vicinity of any baby-boomer dad it can initiate a conversation about ancient Creedence and Stones LPs collecting moss in the basement. Next up on your Summer indie splash 2013 party is Mage That Blackheart's remix of Bad Cop's “Light On” that gets it jacked off and jacked up, with a juke track back beat that gets these Cops club ready and full of liquid courage. Next up to mess up the mix is Two Fresh who speeds up the tempo, adds a bit more bass and rhythmic thump as hand claps presets stoke the seratonin for an EDM overload of sensory, chopped and screwed vocals, new rules, new scales and a buck wild running imagination. Listen and download now as Jeffrey Drag gives the seasonal gift intended to keep on giving, even as the long days become shorter and the sun gets a little bit colder.

Jeffery Drag operators Adam and Mike wrote to us about the compilation with much excitement, telling us what we need to be listening now and watching out for while Summer is still here.

Adam Mould (Bad Cop, Western Medication, Co-Owner Of Jeffery Drag)

The comp was pretty simple. Our new employee Bobby Jewel took a bunch to Lollapalooza and passed them out. We just picked a few select tracks to promote as opposed to the whole roster this time cause this is currently what our label has been pushing. Watch out ESPECIALLY for the Mage the Blackheart remix and Promised Land Sound! They are quickly becoming one of Nashville's, and the nation's best rock n' roll bands. That song is especially a gem. And dig it while Summer's still here!

Mike Gicz (Bad Cop, Co-Owner Of Jeffery Drag)

Yeah, with this sampler we just wanted to offer a peek at everything that we love. The songs we chose are the ones that are meant to be listened to way too loud on a blistering summer day with your windows down. Air conditioning is okay too, haha. All of the bands are in the midst of really cool things too. Majestico has 3 dates with the Alabama Shakes in September, Promised Land Sound is about to release a new full-length, and Bad Cop is fresh off the new The Light On EP 12″. Natural Child and Useless Eaters are just constantly on the road. And that People's Temple song is just undeniably awesome.

Download the Jeffery Drag Records compilation, Summer Sampler 2013 available now for free.