Trummor & Orgel, "Metropolis"

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Active and steadily growing since 2003, Swedish brothers Staffan and Anders Ljunggren are Trummor & Orgel. “Metropolis” is the lead single from the upcoming full-length album. The pair has played over one hundred shows in Europe and has also collaborated with many musicians in the past such as Peter Morén of Peter, Bjorn, and John, Ebbot Lundberg of The Soundtrack of Our Lives.

The duo speaks about inspiration,

“When we wrote Metropolis we had the ambition of finding the balance point between the organic and the electronic, the dynamic and the predictable, past and the present… we wanted to find the equilibrium of man and machine.”

The track “Metropolis” is the masterwork for those efficient days. This symphonic like piece will be proven to affect your concentration instantly. As the dopamine rewards your brain, you will burst into dance and instantly crack a smile. The drums and keyboardist work clash honestly as they create an ethereal sound.