Ven, "Meditate"

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The 25-year-old Boston native just recently moved to Sacramento, California and he isn’t just bringing the rap genre with him to the table to present. Quite literally Ven is an illustrator of consciousness from song to song. He seeks and speaks about self-awareness, meditation, and enlightenment through his music. He aims to help us learn more about ourselves as he tries to free our minds from the fog. As Ven Robinson incants the sacred text “Meditate”, Let him be our guide for the short journey ahead as we start to notice his intentions are affable

Ven speaks to us about the inspiration behind “Meditate”,

“I would just go to the park and just watch nature take place. I’d go there and just think how all of nature just happens without anyone having to wake up in the morning to remind nature to do this and to do that. I started contemplating how humans are affected by this as well…Then I remembered listening to this Audio program entitled ‘The Neuropsychology of Self-Discipline’. In it, the narrator questions what the force is that drives some people to commit to a task over years at a time and also asks how this force can be tapped.”

“One word popped into my mind. Meditate.”