Wooter with "Moving West"

Post Author: Joseph Anthony Evans

Another Sunday is upon us, at the start of a new wintry month. The brilliant artist Rowan Brind brings us the life-like track “Moving West”. So roll up your windows and switch on the heater, while you stare into the colors that are changing for the long haul of winter.  It was never a problem when it came to writing or producing for Brind, his passion for music has always been in his blood and Every Sunday, we get to hear his take on the world. Emotions pertain mostly to all of us, as Wooter does an excellent job expressing what we have felt before.

Rowan tells us more about his inspiration for “Moving West”

“This city is the greatest city in the world. But sometimes the best part about New York City is leaving it. I was born in the west and grew up here in NY, but I always fantasize about moving out there someday, changing it all up.”

Have you ever had the sudden desire to pick yourself up and go somewhere new? Maybe go explore the world on your own and truly find yourself? If you find that hard to do, Wooter can give you the motivation to simply pack your bags and get moving with the track “Moving West”, a venturous tune to feed your new ambition.