Double Down Jello Wrestling Benefit

Post Author: Gretchen Robinette

Double Down's “Third Annual Jello Wrestling To Beat Breast Cancer Benefit” was held on Saturday September 10th, after the event was originally canceled due to Hurricane Irene. Spectators bet on wrestlers, winning prizes such as dildo's, porno DVD's, bar tabs to Double Down Saloon, as well as generous donations from local sponsors, with all procedes going to The Susan K. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

The event organizer and emcee, Our Lady of Perpetual PMS of the NYC punk wrestling group GLOB (Gorgeous Ladies of Bloodwrestling) held it down for a few matches, along with referee Mike SOS, fellow GLOB wrestlers, and anyone else who wanted to roll around in a kiddie pool with 30 gallons of luke warm, red jello. I was encouraged early on to have a couple of the Double Downs' famous Ass Juice specials, which then led to myself volunteering for a wrestling match in the kiddie pool. As long as it went to a good cause.

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