Friendo at Bottom of the Hill, SF

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Wives washed over the crowd with a geezergaze drive for throwing in a
series of
intermittent “uh uh uhs” when lyrics failed. Guitars were big and the
vocals pleading in a pleasant time to the music. Almost too pleasant for
liking. Then again, rehearsal can ruin everything I suppose.

Cannons and Clouds brought beards aplenty. Christ I was tempted to send a
submission to that Build-a-Beard
site before I lost all interest. The sound belted and blended like a
tribute round but with those damned beards. The beards were working, yep
were working. The tone was sentimental and a sappy refrain of alternating
“ooohhs” and “ahhhs,” only delayed our beloved Calgary trio
of warriors.

And then finally; Friendo. Wow. I thought they
were amazing on their Cold Toads
cassette, but live they bested their alchemy for an exciting, barely
minute rager. With Henry manning the drums for most of the night, he
traded the
kit for Mike's guitar for the electrified finale, “New Sibley.” Why
on earth was this booked on a Tuesday night of all nights? The
weekenders need
to hear Friendo too! My words to Henry, Mike and
Nicole are come back soon.

Friendo play for almost twenty minutes and captivated our attention and affection.