Impose Birthday Party at Cake Shop

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With Crime Novels, Anamanaguchi, Graffiti Monsters, Rafter, and Rifle Recoil.

Not our birthday party, per se, but everyone's birthday born in January: in for free! Still, the gamut of 8-bit and electro pop and punk performed were curated by the birthday boy of the hour, the ever-wisening (and yes by that I mean getting older) Impose founder, Derek Evers. While we puzzled over why there were so many attractive girls packed into one nerd fest of a show (no, not because of the dude club that makes up Impose editorial), we generally blamed it on the shrill cuteness of dudes with Gameboys bouncing around as fourth members (see: Graffiti Monsters), original Nintendo game systems standing in for fourth members (see: Anamanaguchi), slick as a synth with a Rick James patch crooners (see: Rafter), one-man-destructo-dance does it all (for you, baby. . . see: Crime Novels), and a dude who came from Arlington and brought half a Cake Shop of adorers with him (see: Rifle Recoil).