Impose Not-CMJ Party with Dan Deacon + Team Robespierre + DeathSet + DD/MM/YY + Juiceboxxx + Adrian Orange

Post Author: , Nate Dorr + Sam Horine

This was the sweatiest show any of us have ever attended, and most of it wasn’t even ours. Thanks people! Apart from the “Shhhh, the cops are outside pulling someone over, but maybe if they can’t hear us at all they won’t bother us” and the dangerously high ratio of cameras to people (don’t blame us, we only had six of them there!), it was a hell of a lot better than downing eight dollar buds at Pianos, or whatever.

Luckily, you know us, you knew the party, and you had absolutely no excuse for missing Silent Barn last night. Oh well. Look at the pictures and you’ll get it. Actually, for those in attendance, CMJ is canceled due to exhaustion. Ticket-holders are invited to console themselves at Symphony Space, where we will be featuring three hours of your mom playing ukulele.