Northside 2014: Summer Enters Godmode

Post Author: , Eric Phipps

On Sunday, June 15th, Godmode records hosted another label showcase this time at Muchmore's. The smaller venue with couches pushed up against the wall gave the whole affair a bit of a house party vibe and it was certainly a crowded house by the time Shamir made his live debut to a sweaty, hyped up crowd.

Also performing were Fitness (live debut), Soft Lit (live debut), Fasano (celebrating the release of 'Factory'), Montreal Sex Machine (live debut) and Courtship Ritual (celebrating the release of their LP “Pith”) while Human Resources kept the house party vibe going between sets. Shamir is the real deal. Young with an amazing voice and the great live charisma. At the end of his set, he seemed genuinely overcome by the outpouring of support he received in the packed, sweaty room.

The whole night worked as an excellent showcase for the depth of talent and wealth of styles on the label.

Summer Enters Muchmore's for a packed and sweaty Godmode showcase.