Splash at Body Actualized Center

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On Saturday, November 17, I headed out to the Body Actualized Center in Bushwick to see Splash, Plastic Flowers, and Arc Light. The center was started by some of the members in Splash, and is a yoga studio that sometimes doubles as a concert/other event venue. This was my second time visiting the amazing space, but there is no way to truly prepare yourself for what's to come–it is different expirience every time you go.

The night started out with Arc Light's wavy space pop, and although I hadn't heard much of the group before seeing them live, they ran a tight set.

After the first performance there was about an hour long break, as Plastic Flowers dealt with some sort of technical issue. Luckily, Part Time spun an 80s dance set that kept everyone moving. There was also an expirimental dance performance during this time, which was a great addition to the night's lineup. Eventually Plastic Flowers started playing, and although they are down to only two members, they were still the dark, “it's cool to be sad” band that we've all learned to love.

Finally, after countless outfit changes, Splash took the stage. I have seen this band play once before, but it was just as much of a trip the second time. The group was dressed in sparkly attire, and Sasha Desree put glitter on my face in almost a ritualistic tone. Splash puts on an amazing performance, and I would highly suggest catching them if you have the chance.

Splash, Plastic Flowers and Arc Light perform at Body Actualized Center in Brooklyn on 11/17.