Throw noise shows in your basement

Post Author: Nate Dorr

Grab a PA, plug some samplers and pedals and whatever into it, call some friends, you’re good to go. Just hope the neighbors are cool with the bass thump and molten feedback.

Wednesday’s foray into the the ultra-unofficial concert was the last-minute work of new Brooklyn noise trio Best Hits, who have distinguished themselves with an ear for rhythm and sample manipulation that reveals them to be coming at noise less from a punk or avant angle than from that of IDM and electronica (suspicions cemented when they put on a dubstep album — Benga — between sets). The set we heard will apparently be largely the same (though in cleaner, clearer mixdown) as the second side of their upcoming debut.

After casting around for a venue for the bill they’d assembled (new Corey Bauer project Curlers, for whom knocked-over equipment that posed no hurdle to finishing the set by contact-mic-ing the PA,