Treasure Island Festival Day 1, San Francisco

Post Author: Jenz

Treasure Island is a bit of a peculiar place. Though it gained notoriety as being the subject of a Robert Louis Stevenson book, the man-made island is fairly low key in its abode in the Bay waters until the Treasure Island Music Festival invades it for a weekend yearly.

Now in its third go, the day one presentation proved that the electronic portion of the program – with day two boasting the indie side of things – will always play host to those seeking the chance of dancing, drinking, and wearing costumes for no reason. Again. We never really learn.

Highlights included: reaffirmation that once again, MGMT needs to do something; Girl Talk’s legitimacy lies in his ability to get white kids to dance to gangster rap; The Streets’ Mike Skinner seems like a cool dude to hang out with; everything being made pirate-theme never gets old; the Ferris wheel is one of the best inventions in the entire world; naming your oversized pastry “cookie pie” sounds way better than a “oops, we forgot to cut this down” cookie; stripper trapeze performances are underrated; weed in truffles sounds way better than weed in anything else; Dan Deacon at the afterparty in a Steve Young Niners jersey was about the cutest thing ever next to puppies rolling in ice cream or babies at concerts.