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Rap Genius is a hip hop website specializing the transcribing and dissection of rap lyrics. It is your guide to the meaning behind it all.

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Pusha Month Edition


Late to the Kendrick Lamar Party Edition

The “Nosetalgia” Edition

Idiot Savant Edition

5 Dedications Edition

The Summer Sequels Edition

Ladies First Edition

Big Sean's “Control” Edition

No Rhyme or Reason Edition

Yet Another Crooked I Appearance Edition

Victory Lap Edition

Pre-Magna Carta Holy Grail Edition

After the Onslaught Edition

The Biggest Week in Rap 2013 Edition

Pre-Yeezus Existence Edition

The Bilderberg Group of Rap Edition

Vintage Flows Edition

Yeezy-On-Buildings Week Edition

Summer Blockbusters Edition

Genius by Nature Edition

5AM in Every Rapper's Life Edition

The Adult Education Edition

Open Letter to Post-Racial America Edition

No Accidents in Dopeness Edition

The Buggin Out Edition

The Senior Class Edition

The SXSW Hangover Edition

The Tribute to Christopher Wallace Edition

Hottest MCs In The Game Edition

Stand Up Rappers Edition

Civil War of Coasts Edition

The Grammy-less Family Edition

The New York vs. New Orleans Edition

The Wrath of Math Edition

The Lupe Fiasco “Say Shit” Edition

The Digs and Disses Edition

The Laugh Out Loud Edition

The Champagne Hangover Edition

The Lines of the Year 2012

The Top 5: Holiday Edition

The Top 5: First Class Bars Edition

The Top 5: Marrying The Game Edition

The Top 5: Gluttony edition

The Top 5: Bars hotter than Obama

The Top 5: Super Pac edition

Making the ordinary extraordinary

The Top 5 is all Kendrick everything

The Top 5: Heavy with 80's references

BET Awards Cypher Edition