A Thousand Shark’s Teeth – My Brightest Diamond

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Shara Worden is My Brightest Diamond, and she could be a one-woman wrecking crew if she would unleash the beast a little more often in her songwriting. Like Stevie Nicks told us, girl, it’s okay to rock a little.

“If I Were Queen” and a few other tracks feel lazy, not languid or delicate, just there, passing time. She shows what she can do immediately with the opening track, “Inside A Boy.” After that she spends a lot of time resembling other ethereal vocalists who have trouble producing a really substantive piece of music. When she finds a tree that produces fruit (“From The Top Of The World”) she loses her interest too quickly.

“To Pluto’s Moon” is exceptional, but it’s the only song I can honestly say that about. It sustains a shimmery quality, while the vocals peel out in light waves, building and building, but just once I’d like to hear her really let loose with those pipes; you can tell she has a voice as big as a house, so why not use it occasionally?

If you’re eating pot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy (not that I’m recommending you do) there’s a ratio of gravy to the other stuff that must be maintained. At some point you need less gravy and more meat and potatoes. A Thousand Shark’s Teeth just barely delivers on the promise of its potential, and I await eagerly to hear what Shara Worden will allow brightly into this world next.