Carpet Samples from the Song Diary – Paleo

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To say that Brooklyn based singer/songwriter Paleo is prolific and ambitious is a gross understatement. In addition to having a rigorous tour schedule, he’s attempting to write and record 365 songs in 365 days. In early anticipation, he has self-released a ten-song sampler to showcase what he’s been up to. Through out the tracks his voice is gruff and weathered, sometimes barely audible, sometimes screamed and cracking through the microphone, but always endearing. His idea and sparse songs benefit from the lo-fi, home recordings and on “In the Dark, The Dark Dark”, the sound of a freight train in the distance leads me to believe he’s seen some desolate towns through the past year. Paleo is FOUR DAYS shy of completing the project and judging by the songs on Carpet Samples, the end result will prove as interesting as the idea itself.