Coronation Thieves – Dragons of Zynth

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This is a Cleveland outfit fronted by twin brothers Aku and Akwetey O.T. who are originally from the Bronx. Their over-the-top psych-funk is so wild it must be heard to be believed. If the schematic of Faith No More is a starting point, this shit blows it to smithereens. This is shambolic skronk smashed into electro-soul orchestrations, something they’ve dubbed “Afro-tek.” The band is tight with jazz flutist Yusef Lateef and they’ve studied his “auto-physio-psychic” musical theories. Somehow, this informs their sonic somersaults and auditory contortions on insane songs like “Take It To Ride,” which comes across like a gas-huffing TV On The Radio on hyper-drive . There’s also the slightly more functional space-soul of “Funky Genius” and the Jesus and Mary Chain guitar fuzz of “Anna Mae.” A lot of this is scratchy, disjointed, and headache-inducing, but you’ve got to give it up to Gigantic for their eclectic roster of artists.