Drescher – Haram

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When the blistering guitar-and-drum frenzy lifts off on the opening of Haram’s Drescher, I’m impressed by their energy and instincts. As the album rumbles on, I quickly start hearing the influences more than what’s happening on the speakers.

It's mimicry in high form, but for all its power to inflect and persuade, Haram just can’t keep me in its world on their terms. Even though this is my first encounter of any kind with Haram, I can almost guarantee that anyone of the indie persuasion would probably be some degree of stoked after seeing Haram perform live.

Additionally, the recordings on Drescher possess a vibrancy that is no doubt reflective of their live energy. I also don’t doubt that there are many folks out there who would really like Haram and this album. It sounds cool, it rocks, it's got the chemistry and the formulas down. But at the end of the day, I won’t find myself humming any of these tunes as I walk down the street, and I’ll probably put on a record by one of Haram’s favorite groups before I put on this one.

But don't think I'm damning them. There’s nothing wrong with Drescher. That is, unless you want more out of music than satisfaction.