Earthly Delights – Lightning Bolt

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These two loose nuts are not unlike the musical equivalent of an air raid siren with their unrelenting “how much longer does this go on?” head-rattling noise. Words like “heavy” and “intense” will never come close to capturing the soul of this band.

The terror-ific twosome fall somewhere between twisted Japanese noisemaker K.K. Null and super-heavy NYC noise-rockers Unsane, but all the while they maintain their own sonic presence with a kind of ultra-brutal, sublime pummeling. In between the grimy shards of noise appear these strange flangey choruses/breaks, and that makes for an even more uneasy ride.

Insanely brilliant or brilliantly insane? Who can rightfully say? On the first song, “Sound Guardians,” they blast off immediately into deep cosmic space, and produce an indescribable cacophony that defies the physics of what a musical duo should be able to do. Yes, you can think in the paradigm of loops and delay, but how exactly are they creating that squall in there?

By the time they reach track four, “The Sublime Freak,” they’re practically off the rails. “Funny Farm” throbs like the aforementioned Unsane, and eventually becomes a barely contained tsunami of sound. On the closer, “Transmissionary,” which clocks in at 12:20, they create an epic powerhouse of a song that wears you out well before it’s over. Like their song entitled “Colossus,” LB stands atop the rather unstable mountain of noise-rock bands right now. They are the most entertaining rock duo extant. Period.