Ecdysis – Miho Hatori

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Perhaps best known as one half of Cibo Matto, Miho Hatori has proven to be something of a musical chameleon over the years. After many collaborative efforts on other projects, Ecdysis marks her solo debut, a meticulously produced full-length of global pop conversations. Brazil weighs heavy on Miho’s mind, judging by the arrangement of “Barracuda” and gentle guitar strums and percussion on “Amazona.” The presence of nature and insects are felt on this album as well; some of the programmed beats almost sound like synthesized cicadas. On “Walking City,” Miho describes the intercessory role that insects play between humans and trees. With a voice sweeter than honey, “In Your Arms” could make the most hardened of hearts melt. It’s a song of disarming innocence and tenderness, just right for Hatori’s repertoire. Embracing change both musically and personally has served her well, and Ecdysis celebrates that spirit boldly and with great fanfare. Miho is unquestionably multitalented as well as multilingual, and we should all be grateful that she speaks the universal language of music so fluently. –JRS