Eulogies – Eulogies

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Sometimes all that matters is if it's the right time, right place or right people. And that's how it worked out for Eulogies with the release of their self-titled debut. The trio met while Peter Walker toured in support of his solo work and met backing musicians Tim Hutton and Chris Reynolds. A strong bond was formed while on the road, and they decided to explore their musical talents together. Walker's unsurpassed songwriting abilities are nicely paired off with the solid indie instrumentation of Hutton and Reynolds. From first to final notes, Walker constructs classically syrupy scenes of love and loss, but what could have been another solo album from Walker is carried to a more fine-tuned intensity by the conjunction of Eulogies' cohesive parts.

While this cohesion remains constant, Eulogies have a way of never becoming repetitive. Walker's engaging vocals showcase resilient songwriting ability, while not overpowering the narrative aspects of his storytelling. And the instrumental soundscapes nicely compliment his work, with occasional moments of heavy guitar riffs entering in and out of a generally smooth-heeled wash. Tracks like “If I Knew You” and “Can't Relate” are filled with such a painstaking sincerity that you can't help but regard the passion embedded in their melodies. Eulogies' pulse might be as predictable as any, driven by regular drum beats and bass lines, but their restraint is tasteful, especially in “One Man”, “ Under the Knife” and “Suicide”. I anticipate the next chapter in their trip.