The Greatest Hoax, Expiration Compositions

Post Author: Ian Schneider

Expiration Compositions is the sophmore album of Washington, D.C. based composer Taylor Jordan, performing as The Greatest Hoax. This album is a soundtrack to a peaceful death, and Jordan’s ability to present this in a brooding way that also instills hope.
The landscape of Expiration Compositions is full of ambient, almost celestial, aspects and sounds. The strings, led by cellists Mark Bridges of Kranky Records, reverberate through your eardrums and take you to another place throughout the record. Combined with the piano and you get emotional complexity in the form of beautiful music.
Jordan had this to say about the album: “Expiration Compositions is not just an album about death; it reflects a sense of happiness for one’s life. The subject is often heavy, but my intention is to encourage listeners to appreciate their lives knowing they are finite.”
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