Kane Strang, Two Hearts and No Brain

Post Author: Ian Schneider

When you mix the alternative, rock, and grunge, you get Dunedin, New Zealand’s Kane Strang. Two Hearts and No Brain is Strang’s new album being released on Dead Oceans. The 11 song record is a mixture of all of the mentioned genres to create a precise sound that reflects Strang’s inner workings of the mind. The music has hints of 1960s pop, making you think of the all the greats from that era. The lyrics are introspective and the sound is contemporary, attesting to Kane Strang’s diligent musical process.
The first two singles off of the Two Hearts and No Brain are “Oh So You’re Off I See” and “My Smile Is Extinct”. The former of the two tracks is heavy with echoing vocals and classic alt rock sounds. The latter has a little more of a mellower tone, containing some acoustic guitar and a lighter feel in the chorus.
Overall, Two Hearts and No Brain is simple, yet complex. Grimy, yet clean. Conventional, yet eccentric. Kane Strang was able to put together an elegant album that hits on a multitude of spectrums.
For more information about Kane Strang, you can visit KaneStrang.com.