Grass Geysers… Carbon Clouds – Enon

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Enon have always fielded solid reviews for their records, but there’s never been that breakthrough moment when their music transcends itself and they appear on everyone’s radar for a split-second. The band was initially just the work of singer/guitarist/keyboardist (and former member of now legendary Brainiac) John Schmersal. As a trio on their fifth album, they sound snappy and very energetic right off the bat; there’s lots of flash and some smoke, but not much fire underneath.

Bassist Toko Yasuda’s vocals are too far out front in the mix on her songs. While she’s not “girly” in her delivery, per se, she is limited in her emotional range. There’s a lot going on here musically, but, generally, it’s still somehow amateur: pedantic, unfocused post-post-punk with the odd quirk thrown in from time to time. Ultimately, this is moderately interesting, futuristic electro-rock drubbing that stops short of compelling. At least “Peace Of Mind” sounds a little fucked-up, like an outtake from a session by The Fall.