Gymnasia – The Show is the Rainbow

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Darren Keen needs a hobby. The Show Is The Rainbow is his one-man project, and it has so overwhelmed his life he can think of nothing else. He’s obsessed. The problem is that he is so absorbed in his work that he can’t see the forest for the trees. He thinks everything he writes is worthy of recording. He’s shared the stage with Hella, The Locust and Mates of State, but he’s destined for the perennial opening slot. He drizzles a decent vocal melody on “I Am The Decline,” and “All’s Well Blah Blah Blah” has a slow, soul groove, but there’s not enough of that. His sequenced electro-masturbations are childishly whacked-out and his screaming on some songs render them almost unlistenable. Any of us could think of twenty other bands who’ve done this as a lark, but Keen believes it’s a foundation. Those who can make this kind of thing work have to wrangle some difficult elements and write good songs. It's back to the drawing board for The Show Is The Rainbow.

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