Prey For Eyes – The Red Chord

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Death metal and metalcore are two of the most polarizing forms of music on the planet. Fanatics and their opponents haven taken their stance on opposite ends of the spectrum. People who love fast, technical metal, at least those that I regularly encounter, live and breathe it and nothing else. No blast equals no good. The Red Chord, over the past half decade, have located a crack in this monolithic veneer and found success by continually jack knifing the weaknesses both camps shares for the band’s blistering deathcore exception to the rule.

Somehow with this free agent period in metal, members constantly floating through the scene, The Red Chord has been able to consistently produce punishing, fast, top flight nightmares. This is their latest gift to fanatics and latest bid to draw in those who’ve pushed away for too long. Prey For Eyes marks a smooth anabasis for the band, driving deep into their dark complexity without breaking to look back at the sludgy riffs behind them.

Forward; tougher; onward. Prey For Eyes is a longer album to digest with more notes, beats, and lyrics about the darker side of sleep, gods, military, family, neighbors and politics, but it’s worth the extra time you’ll spend with it. They’ve matured and expanded, approached the zero gravity of their ideal sound.

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