Heart Geometry – Fast Computers

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Fast Computers' higher-pitched male vocals, honest lyrics and epic piano presence bare a striking similarity to Keane’s 2004 album Hopes & Fears. Add a much heavier electronic element, subtract a teensy bit of the piano and throw in a little Queen-like grandeur in songs like “How Many Times” and “Designs”, and you’ve got an idea of what FC’s debut album Heart Geometry sounds like. Except—despite weak vocals, and a repetitiveness that could get boring as you near the end—this record is more fun. A breezy blend of electronic twinkles and guitar strums, carefree piano and swooning strings in like “Gravity/Love” make you want to dance all night long (no matter what you look like) underneath the starry sky, and wake up in the arms of a brand new lover—incognizant of most of the details to how you may have ended up in these arms, but pleased to be there nonetheless. And If “Gravity/Love” is your party-all-night-long song, then “Alarm Below,” with it’s slow, deliberate melody, is probably the part where you gracefully fall to the ground, eyes closed and arms outstretched in typical Madonna music video fashion and begin to invent your biggest dreams. As you move toward the end of the record, “Heart of the City” would most likely signify the Monday morning after the madness, the song progressively growing in strength as you regain clarity on the preceding weekend’s events. And the title track, “Heart Geometry”, is a reflective end to an album filled with richly textured instrumentals. It’s a pity that the vocals held such little weight.