Heavy Lies the Crown – Full Blown Chaos

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I’ve found that a good metal album is easier to convey with body expressions than words. Give me a second to find a mirror so I can relay Heavy Lies the Crown to you.

I’ve got the quintessential head-bob reflex from the guitar lead-in for “Firefight”; right foot inevitably marking halftime when the double bass kicks in. There’s a brief respite during the breakdown, and then a confused brow when Ray Mazzola allows the lung demons to surge. Generally it’s these reactions mixed with some shoulder heaving, arm swinging, and perpetual “O face” that fill the next twelve tracks. Luckily I listen in my bedroom with curtains drawn; the crown of significance weighs two heavy, battering tons.

Full Blown Chaos’ first Ferret Music dish exerts more power than a Mjolnir strike. They’ve also varied their aggression by balancing it with a slower tempo and a slight groove intertwined throughout the brutality. I like the direction that Heavy Lies the Crown is taking metal. It’s not fast all the time, but there’s enough speed for death metal and enough chugging to make my forehead cramp.