Ida Con Snock – Michael Hurley

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Michael Hurley gets Tara Jane O'Neil and members of Ida, goes ahead and
records at Levon Helm's studio, Devendra Banhart puts it out on his
label, and of course, it's the best album that you can slap the
“Americana” label on. Is this really a surprise? Did you think
anybody else could do it better than Hurley?

A few originals, and some
covers make this an album that your dad, and dudes in whatever newly
gentrified area can equally agree on. It's good for just about any
recreational activity, and sounds great at just about any point of the
day. Period.

But hey, it's Michael Hurley, he's been doing this since the middle of
the 1960's, and has hardly ever disappointed. Why would he consider
starting to do that now?