In Living the True Gods – Stones Throw Videos 102

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For all things in pop culture there exists a subculture. For film there is art house, for music there is indie, a group of artists who flirt with the mainstream but, because they are ahead of the curve, they remain in essence underground. Stones Throw has released a new DVD executive-produced by PB Wolf, highlighting videos from selected members of their varied indie hip-hop roster. However, this still lists like an all-star team, with Madvillian, Madlib, Quasimoto, the late J Dilla, James Pants and others.

From comic book dreams to normal barbecue settings, the videos are as all-encompassing as the talent. Visually, it's the animated videos that are most stunning, with Madvillian's future nightmare vision and J Dilla's aquatic blob turned killer ice cream cone. The bonuses on the disc are, I'll term them “tape diggers”, old footage of Quasimoto live in ’00, Jaylib live in ’04, Charizma & PB Wolf in the studio from ’92 and an in-depth one on one with J Dilla. Amazing content in a crisp, concentrated package from Stones Throw.