J2 – Jarboe and Justin K. Boadrick

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At first listen I feel as if I am in the church of the never-ending-story as Jarboe and Justin K. swirl and swoon endlessly on and on. “Decay”, the opening track, continues to build on and upward for seven-plus minutes, and although I'm still alternating between flying and free-falling, it's kind of kinetic. Next comes a squeezebox of sound as “Let's Go” alters my reality with Jarboe's beatific vocals that squeeze each and every syllable like a sausage maker at the Sabrett factory. Don't get me wrong, that's a good thing — this writer once consumed 40+ hot dogs over a month in celebration of his daughter’s birth and four weeks of paternity leave. Yummy yummy for my protruded tummy.

Another saver on this here disc is “Romp”, which has a poppy, almost beatlesque feel at first before it departs for the acidic isle of Jazztropia. As far as experimental/ambient/noise goes, this LP rocks like a backward spinning Dio disc that has been blended with a Pepto-Bismol and Benzedrine smoothie. Enjoy, and alter your mind and outlook with a once-daily healthy dose of J2.