Made In The Dark – Hot Chip

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Hot Chip is a dance band composed of guys who look like they probably can’t dance, and I’m guessing most of their audience is similarly coordinated. Hot Chip seems to be aware of all of this on the fantastic “Don’t Dance” that comes towards the end of Made In The Dark. “Ready For The Floor”, “One Pure Thought” and “Touch Too Much” are just a few of the tracks that will turn your living room into a dance floor.

From the start, Hot Chip possessed a raw talent that came into its own on their last album, The Warning. The sound is heavily influenced by synth-driven new wave and electronic pop from the 70s and 80s, yet there’s nothing derivative here. The music meanders naturally through heart-felt, quirky, playful, tender, joyous and a whole host of other feels like an expert traversing an obstacle course. What sampling and mashing yields in variety for many electronic artists, Hot Chip matches with instrumental arrangement and lyrical variety.

There’s a stronger presence of ballads on Made In The Dark than on the other Hot Chip albums, which reveals yet another strength: this record has heart. “Made In The Dark”, “Whistle For Will” and “In The Privacy Of Our Love” provide a tender contrast to the upbeat numbers that will move your body in that different kind of way. Made In The Dark is constantly brimming with life, energy, emotion, and soul. It can be immediately enjoyed as pop candy but the depth and quality will make the party endure.