She’s Mature – Plastic Little

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To many hip-hop purists’ dismay, slapstick rap is no longer a rarity. Comedic quartet Plastic Little would probably have flown in competition with Biz Markie’s fart jokes back in 1988, but for what it’s worth, the party-starting beats and foul-mouthed raps of these multi-racial Philly cats are exactly what discerning club kids nowadays crave. Plastic Little knows its audience and on She’s Mature, the group feels at liberty to mock the haters from the hip-hop set. “Hola Plastique” features a chorus that humorously captures an outsider’s view of their steez:

“Those Plastic Little dudes
they’re not hip-hop
they make broke-hop
sounds like Korean dance pop
made for a video game that you never even head of.”

The mockery doesn’t stop there. But a bulk of the Plastic Little sound is focused more on pure smut—raps filthy enough to make the Ying Yang Twins’ heads turn. (sample lyric: “I’m gonna fill your tum tum with my gun gun then blast off”). Clearly, PackofRats, NBC and JonThousand are only out to clown atop SQUID’s bouncy beats, which is why their music is better suited for the party rather than the iPod. Regardless of your tolerance level for foul humor, when you listen closely to their raps, sooner or later you probably will be offended. But Plastic Little knows they’re rocking for the hipsters, which is why they blatantly give do-gooder hip hoppers the finger.