Sister Self Doubt EP – Shakes

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It’s no wonder Shakes have been causing such a commotion across the pond. Their debut single Sister Self Doubt would make a nun feel raunchy as fuck—retreating to confession for days to block out the impure thrusts her pelvis instinctually performs every time the song plays. With the pulsing of an erratic heartbeat and whiny, shrieking, quivery vocals characteristic of say LCD Soundsystem’s latest masterpiece, Shakes’ recently released EP is bound to be the soundtrack to all tomorrow's debauchery and delight. Shake’s second rendition of the title track is darker than the first, adding a nails-on-chalkboard sound effect to dirty it up a touch more. The instrumental track “AIR” brings the heart rate back down a bit with the repetitive, textural layerings and then a sudden kick in the pants by way of crazy electronic interlude. The lyrics “One-two-three-four-five-six-seven, you make your money on a Friday night” in the two-versions of “Disneyland” will plague you for hours while you try to figure out how to keep your legs from moving like you’ve been taken over by the ghost of indie dance parties past, present and future. If it sounds this good coming through my shitty earphones, I can’t wait to hear how dope it sounds on the dance floor.