Slow Down Molasses, 100% Sunshine

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

For those of us still in denial about the days getting shorter, there are bands that are grasping at every ounce of the sunshine to help us keep our chins up. Dream pop/shoegaze/post rock six-piece Slow Down Molasses is one of them. Comprised of Tyson McShane, Jeanette Stewart, Chriz Morin, Levi Soulodre, Aaron Sholz, and Jordan Kurtz, this act from Saskatoon is ready to release their latest, a cross-genre endeavor that brings both melancholy sounds as well as your last glimmer of summertime. 100% Sunshine should definitely be on your radar.

“Faeries On High” is an instrumental rock track, guided by synth and leading – almost delicately – into the first vocal track of the album, “No Release”, which hits with heavy guitar riffs and a garage punk feel. “Intentions” rolls out with more of a pop/rock feel, boasting more dramatic vocals that have a very Bowie-esque feel to them. “Moon Queen” drives the same tempo as its predecessors, brandishing more reverb that might not be necessary, but adds an otherworldly element that would not otherwise be of note.

“No Riots” is a slow-paced burner, bringing the tempo to a crawl and allowing the listener a bit of a breather before exploding into a cacophony of sound toward the end. “Levitation Sickness” is a rock ballad if ever there was one, and “Terminator iii Vs Amon Duul ii” is an interestingly named, slowly building instrumental track that gives your voice box a rest. If you’re singing this album at the top of your lungs, of course. (Which, you should be.) “Ghosts & Vodka” has a more 80’s feel than the other tracks on the album, replete with synth from the beginning. But what would an album be without addressing dreams? Specifically, “Night Terrors”, which is a bit darker than the album title would suggest.

“Flowers” possesses elements of vintage hippie rock, reverb allowing it to feel like sunshine is glowing around you as you roll through the 4:32 track. “You Made Me A Ghost” is an undeniable shoegaze track, and a beautiful way to round out the album. Arguably our favorite song off the album, we’re most anticipating seeing the live version of this track in the coming months.

Tour Dates
September 6 – Club Kukuun, Hamburg (GER)
September 7 – Culture Container, Berlin (GER)
September 8 – 11 Incubate Festival – Tilburg, Netherlands
September 16 – Amigos, SK (Record Release Show)
September 24 – Baby G, Toronto (CAN)
October 7 – 8 – UP+DT, Edmonton (CAN)
October 9 – The Nite Owl, Calgary (CAN)
October 14 – O’Hanlon’s, Regina (CAN)

100% Sunshine is available now.