Surf Dads, All Day Breakfast

Post Author: Kat Harding

Saskatchewan’s Surf Dads released their album All Day Breakfast last week on Grind Central Records and we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it. The Canadian duo of Gage McGuire and Chris Dimas have put out a near perfect fuzzy punk rock album that is as delightful as breakfast for dinner. The 12 tracks have catchy and frantic guitar riffs under creative, storyteller lyrics. The first proper album from the group, who has a number of EPs and relentless touring to their name, kicks off with “Up All Night,” with Gage telling us “I’m not here to take your call, you’re just here to watch me fall,” sending and unsupportive somebody on their way for their unhelpful and disrespectful ways. It’s perfect for dumping a friend or lover; put yourself first every time. Chris’s crashing drums and Gage’s poppy punk guitar strumming is upbeat motivation to kick someone out of your life.
“Pinpoint” has Gage’s guitar stuttering while the drums come in hot, making this an ideal track to get you moving. If their live shows are half as energetic as the album, you’re going to leave the venue a sweaty, tired mess, and that’s the goal. “Say what you want, but now I’m gone” Gage sings. Whoever did him wrong was the perfect inspiration for the album, stirring up a creative frenzy, where the break-up lyrics are masked by frenetic music. These songs aren’t for mourning, they’re for moving on. The next track “Scary Liza” keeps your heartrate up and gives a clue to maybe who Gage is singing about. This person seems to take joy in watching you fail and we’ve all known a naysayer like that.
The album slows down a bit on “Apologies,” which sounds like it’d fit in great on any Atticus:…Dragging the Lake compilation. That’s not a knock — there’s been a resurgence of pop-punk these days that show how much better the genre has gotten. Surf Dads is showing that while breakups still happen, you don’t have to mope around and be sad: you can move on and write a badass, motivating album.
Ending with “Wound Up,” a dreamy track with gentle reverb on Gage’s vocals telling us “I don’t want to be just another ghost,” a dream we all have. The thundering drums give way to near-silence near the end of the track, fading out to quietness and leaving your ears ringing. If you started this album with a broken heart, it’s been mended by this time and you’re ready to get back out there.  
All Day Breakfast is available now.