The Boredom of Me – YOOME

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If you think that this album won’t hold your interest judging by its title, let The Boredom of Me serve as proof that supposedly mundane lives make great case studies. A collaborative effort between rapper Serengeti, Renee-Louis Carafice, and producer Tony Trimm, YOOME flips pop music inside out to expose its innards and imperfections. Lo-fi electronics set the stage for Serengeti and Carafice to act out stories of regret, indifference, and separation.

If James Joyce were alive today sharing his thoughts via a blog and a Twitter account, perhaps his words would travel the same random paths as “Blueberry Breath” and “Freeganism.”

At the same time, stark reality and harsh truths have a way of calling people out on this release. As America’s economy teeters on the brink of financial disaster, “Debt” hits a little too close to home. The human condition is further explored on “Amsterdamn” as recent divorcees praise themselves for personal strides while berating their former partner’s various wrongdoings, only to eventually admit their own shortcomings. It’s almost shocking in its vulnerability and accuracy, reaching a level of pain that most artists aren’t able to capture. Such melancholy may not be for everyone, but albums like this don’t come around often. The Boredom of Me is the best of its kind and will surely engage the mind and heart of all that choose to listen